ESP Technologies Ltd

Terms & Conditions

1. General provisions

The purchase order (P/O) is an offer by ESP’s customer to purchase the ESP’s goods. All purchase orders or other documents presented by customers, including product coding, quantity, price and delivery date are subject to acceptance by both ESP and customers. The process of production will be proceeded after the acknowledgement on customer’s purchase order.

2. Shipment

Shipment dates shall be estimated after ESP receives and approves the purchase order from the customers . ESP shall deliver the goods and/or services at the time and prices specified in the acknowledged purchase order. The date of shipment is the date that ESP delivers the finished goods from factory. The early deliveries may be made upon requested by the customers regarding the earlier production process and in case of customers’ written agreement of the due date on the official purchase order. Moreover, the shipping process will be proceeded after customers arrange bank payment.

3. Price and Price Adjustment

The prices indicated by ESP are in Thai Baht or American dollars, ex-works (EXW, Incoterms 2010), including packaging and exclusive of VAT . Moreover, the transportation charges are specified by ESP depending on case by case. In addition, the prices are determined by the price list which valid at specified year.
Any discounts will be made by the agreement between ESP and customers.

4. Terms of Payment

The payment terms will be specified on the proforma invoice regarding agreement between ESP and customers in terms of Telegraphic Transfer (T/T). The shipping is not proceeded unless ESP receives bank receipt from customers. Furthermore, the payment detail will be provided on the proforma invoice.

5. Packaging and documentation

ESP’s products shall be packaged adequately for shipment and also shall include all documentation required for its use and maintenance